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Arabic Translation of ‘Autonomy and Symbolic Capital in an Academic Social Movement’


Idafat: The Arab Journal of Sociology has just published an Arabic translation (open access) of my article, ‘Autonomy and Symbolic Capital in an Academic Social Movement: The March 9 Group in Egypt’. I’m glad that I was able to make this research accessible to more readers, especially readers in Egypt who have been directly affected by the events discussed in the article. The effort that I put into getting it published in Arabic will be rewarded if it contributes something to discussions about social movements in Egypt before and since the revolutionary uprising of 2011.

This is the only one of my publications that has been through peer review twice: once for the original publication in European Journal of Turkish Studies, and a second time for Idafat. Mounir Saidani, professor of sociology at the University of Tunis El Manar, translated it well, and I revised the translation somewhat.

For a brief summary of the article and its context, see The Making of ‘Autonomy and Symbolic Capital in an Academic Social Movement’.